Not sleeping well? Maybe its the food

July 11, 2019
Are you having trouble sleeping even after taking your dinner early enough and reducing time spent in front of your television or viewing stuff on...

Are you having trouble sleeping even after taking your dinner early enough and reducing time spent in front of your television or viewing stuff on your mobile device?

Well It’s just not the late night snacks or the blue lights from the screen of your devices that have the capacity to interfere with your sleep. There are plenty of foods and beverages that can ruin a good night’s sleep. Here are 8 foods to avoid

1.Hot peppers and spicy foods

While some dietary experts recommend hot peppers as an easy way to boost metabolism, it is unwise to consume them late in the evening as they may cause heartburn in sensitive individuals. The thermogenic properties of hot peppers can increase the body’s core temperature. Since your core temperature naturally decreases as you get ready to sleep, raising it can cause you to feel more awake and struggle with staying asleep.

2. Chocolate

It may seem like an innocent, harmless snack – especially after dinner, but here’s the one thing you need to be aware of – chocolate is a hidden source of caffeine. Caffeine in chocolate acts as a stimulant which makes it difficult for you to develop and sustain the deeper stages of sleep.


It has long been held that a glass of white wine after a meal helps in digestion, leading to a good night’s sleep. This is not, as celebrated dietitian Lisa Hayim and founder of The WellNecessities states.

“Alcohol in general relaxes the esophageal sphincter, which normally works to keep the acid down in the stomach,” Hayim explains. “As it relaxes, the acid from the alcohol can enter into your throat, giving you that burning feeling deep in your chest.”

    High protein foods

High protein foods are also discouraged when eaten close to bed time as they are tough for the digestive system which hence focuses on digesting the protein rather that settling down for sleep

4.Fatty foods

Fat filled meals such as French fries, cheeseburgers, fried chicken and snacks such as ice cream often take longer to digest and will more often than not cause bloating and indigestion which can certainly interfere with a good night’s sleep.


You may have probably settled for pizza because you were not in the mood to prepare a meal, were working late or partying. Pizza will not give you sweet dreams at night. The combination of acid from the tomato sauce and fat from the cheese may negatively impact your quality of sleep.  This may trigger acid reflux, triggering heartburn. Even if you don’t feel heartburn, you may wake up constantly during the night, leaving you tired the next day.

6.Nyam Chom

Nyama Choma & Ugali

You’re probably hungry and think roast meat (nyama choma) and ugali for dinner will keep you full at night, preventing you from waking up. Here’s some news for you, eating this protein rich meal can disrupt your sleep pattern. You may suffer from acid reflux or indigestion.

7. Green Tea

Yes, you read that right. Despite green tea having incredible benefits to our general health and wellbeing, it still does contain caffeine, theobromine and theophylline – stimulants that can lead to increased heart rate, feelings of nervousness and overall anxiety. You would therefore be advised to enjoy green tea any time before 4.00pm.

8. Water

It is quite in order to drink plenty of water during the day to stay hydrated. If you take too much water just before retiring to bed, you might find yourself waking up several times during the night to urinate. It is therefore advisable to drastically cut down your fluid intake about three hours before bedtime.

So, there you have it. We hope that we have been able to furnish you with tips on how to eat right and get a good night’s sleep as you pursue overall good health and wellness.



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