Women in Healthcare: Balance for Better

March 8, 2019
Women are key stakeholders in the healthcare industry. In the society, community and at home, women serve as the primary caregivers and thereby make the...

Women are key stakeholders in the healthcare industry. In the society, community and at home, women serve as the primary caregivers and thereby make the most healthcare decisions and purchases. Women are also consumers of healthcare and they also form part of the healthcare workforce not only as caregivers but in other roles that contribute the improvement of the healthcare system.

Research in the United States for instance has shown that having women in healthcare positions can lead to better health outcomes. Female nurses for instance are more likely to provide psychosocial counselling to patients, use more patient centred communication when addressing patients and more frequently advocate for preventive care.

It has been concluded that engaging women in healthcare is important because they have a different opinion and definition of health where most of them see it as an emotional and physical wellbeing. Business practices, decisions and performance are also improved when women are involved because they bring in meaningful female output gained from being the primary caregivers in their households.

Dr. Ashish Jha of Harvard estimates that 10,000 lives could be saved each year if male doctors could generate the same patient outcomes as female doctors.


MYDAWA is an innovative app whose mandate is to achieve better health outcomes. We have recognized the role women play in healthcare and are cognizant of the fact that they need to be integrated in the workforce to contribute to the system.

Meet the four MYDAWA women and learn about their contribution to the innovative app, and reasons why you should join the platform.





Stella Kiptanui

The Pharmacist

She is the Head of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance at MYDAWA pharmaceuticals.

Her job is to ensure that quality and affordable health, wellness and beauty products are available for our customers through our various platforms.

In her words

“Working at MYDAWA has enabled me to interact with a visionary and enthusiastic team as we

create a first in Kenya whose aim is to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry.

This experience has made it possible for me to be part of an innovation that is making a difference in people’s lives.”


Caroline Shikhule

The Head of Customer Experience

She responsible for the development and implementation of Strategy in areas of Complaint Resolution and Customer Experience Management.

In her words:

 “I have had amazing experiences throughout my journey but none comes close to MYDAWA; innovation and customer centricity all wrapped in one. I am surrounded by remarkable, talented individuals who not only take pride in their jobs to ensuring that the experiences of our customers are memorable but have fun doing so. The culture is phenomenal and our core values make us family. Together, we are committed to changing the lives of our customers, one day at a time.”




Zelipher Kimondo

The Brand Manager

As the brand manager,She is responsible for adapting the brand strategy for the company’s target market. She maintains brand integrity across all company marketing initiatives and communications and manages the product portfolio.

In her words;

“I joined before launch of MYDAWA which took place in March 2017 and it’s been quite a journey. The Kenyan

market is slowly but surely embracing online businesses as they are not only convenient, they also provide variety. MYDAWA is keen on being part of this great online revolution by offering quality and affordable products thus ensuring better health outcomes.”



Inviolata Khalwale

Office Manager and Personal Assistant to the Managing Director

In her words:

“At MYDAWA, they call me the fixer. I ensure that the office and the different operations run smoothly. In my role, I engage with everyone who works and interacts with MYDAWA. Dealing with a diverse group of people has helped me enhance my interpersonal skills. At MYDAWA, I strive to make you feel at home.